veni. vidi. verificavi.

Besides my work at Leica Geosystems, I’m still following the topic of automated generation and reduction of buggy OpenCL kernels. But unfortunately there hasn’t been much time to actively contribute the ongoing research. Some other hobby projects required some more attention after having been neglected for a while. For once there is SplitShow, a presentation tool for which I’ve taken ownership during my studies. It allows to distribute LaTeX beamer presentations (and lately PDFs in general) onto multiple display. For instance, it allows to show notes on the presenters laptop while projecting the presentation to the audience. Oh, and have you ever heard of Dobble and wondered how to construct arbitrary sets which follow the game’s rules? Or do you remember the Game of Life and think that such a classic game should be available on a real classic platform? And of course there’s always the one or the other thing that let’s you expand your horizon beyond computer science. I won’t spoil all the details right know but I’m hoping I will be able to add some more interesting stuff to the projects page in the future.

Recent activities

  • How to build a storage rack in 60 seconds

    Not one of the most interesting projects, for sure, but the shelf was badly needed to organise those things that you just need once in a while. It also helped a lot to optimise the space usage under the pitched roof area. The low but fairly deep shelf is a good place to store my RC model planes.

  • From Dombas to Pax

    When we were looking for a new wardrobe we quickly figured out that selling them is the way more lucrative idea. ;-) The size and functionality of Ikea’s Pax model would have been a nice fit for the bedroom. However, on the other end of the price spectrum Ikea offers with the Dombas model a cheap and really basic alternative. Even two are nowhere near the price of a Pax, though, unfortunately the 2.8m width of two Dombas’ was too much for the 2.6m our bedroom had to spare. But true to the motto “better too long than to short” that it wouldn’t be to difficult to cut of the boards of one wardrobe before assembly to make it fit. And to get even more storage space we further planned to build some drawers under the Dombas. Effectively buying the cheapest option from Ikea and getting the functionality of the best (well, kind of).

  • Video projector ceiling mount

    Can there be anything better than having your own private public screening experience during the football World Cup? Well, probably yes. But still, having a video projector sounds like a nice idea to watch movies from time to time and of course to have an immersive feeling while playing with a RC flight simulator like aerofly RC7.

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